Solid Wood Houses
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Solid Wood homes - Ecological choice with individual design

Bring your dream home to life with EcoHouseMart. By using logs as the material for your new home, you’ll bring a touch of luxury and a unique atmosphere to your everyday life – while living in harmony with nature. EcoHouseMart log homes can be adapted to different styles and individual preferences. Our solid wooden houses are healthy and durable enough to last for generations.

We create harmony with pure wood

Wood is a natural, ecological, strong and highly aesthetic building material. At EcoHouseMart we truly believe that timber is the ultimate choice in house construction. We’ll give you at least 11 reasons to choose a wood eco house. Moreover, we are confident that we will make the most competitive offer on the market without compromising quality.

Since 1942 our woodworking plant has evolved into a modern high tech production factory. Decades of experience and ongoing development allow us to deliver energy-efficient eco-friendly houses that are actually good for your health and spirit. We only use legally harvested northern coniferous species of trees for the production of our homes.

High quality standards

Our woodworking plant has been in timber production business since 1942. Today it has grown into a leading wood house production plant. We use high precision digital tools to produce our wood houses. Our beams undergo not only computerized quality control, but they are thoroughly checked by our experienced professionals as well. That’s why your home will be made of highest grade timber of nearly furniture quality.

Eco-friendly materials

Wood is a natural building material that has exceptional qualities of permeability, energy efficiency, fire resistance. Numerous studies have proven that living in a wood house is beneficial for one’s health and mind. Wood manufacturing requires much less energy than concrete or brick production therefore causing less air pollution. And it is a completely renewable natural resource.

Wooden structures improve the quality of indoor air as well as generate an acoustically pleasant sound environment. Less known, nevertheless, is that wood also has measurable physiological and psychological effects. Research shows that when the wood is used as an interior element, people positively react to it, both psychologically and physiologically.

Are you a professional builder?

You support the idea of natural, healthy and sustainable way of life

You have a brain of a builder and a soul of a salesman

You have knowledge about local building regulations, architecture, building culture and trends

Please browse through the gallery of our beautiful homes to find a combination of reliability, eficiency, thoughtfulness of engineering solutions with original design. You will see how versatile our design options are. Whether your dream home is a traditional country house, a luxury mansion or a contemporary design house, we’ll bring it to life.
House plans
Each home that we build has great comfort and high functionality, an ideal combination of decor and utilitarian elements and impeccable style. At the heart of every house there are individual preferences of the customer, which are interpreted by our architects in each specific design project.
Get inspired, dream it, live it!
High grade northern wood, endless design options, healthy and organic living
Why EcoHouseMart log home?

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