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Building Permits

Building Permit requirements vary from town to town. Please contact your town building department before purchasing for detailed information on codes, permits, and foundation requirements.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to determine whether or not you will need a building permit and determine the requirements to meet local building codes or other rules that apply in your locality. You can contact your local building code authorities for such information. Laws, ordinances, regulations, restrictions, covenants, and other codes or rules vary from state to state and from locality to locality. These codes or regulations are also subject to change. Please confirm that the merchandise will meet the local building codes and regulations before PURCHASE.


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Lead time:

  • Development of the Preliminary Architecture and Structural Documentation NOT STAMPED (Wooden Structures) – 55 – 60 business days after signing the sales agreement and the initial payment to initiate an order.
  • Fabrication and delivery of the house kit start after receiving an advance payment; the final production date is determined at the time the unstamped structural drawings are approved by the Buyer and may differ from those outlined in the sales agreement. 

Terms of payment:

  • Initial payment to initiate an order – 10% of the preliminary purchase price.
  • Advance payment – 50% of the *confirmed final price before starting production.
  • 40% is due ten business days before delivery. 

Final cost:

*The final price is calculated after the development of unstamped Structural Documentation – Wooden Structures, and Wooden Structures Detailing and approval of delivery scope. In case of changes in the design assignment, in the design documentation, or the specification of the house set, the price is calculated based on the final specification according to the project’s structural drawings and scope of delivery.

Conditions to launch production:

An advance payment of 60% of the value of the Goods



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  • Our products are shipped from New Jersey warehouse to assure complete curbside delivery without any damage for an additional fee. 
  • Please contact us to get a shipping quote to your location in advance.  
  • An additional option is to arrange your own pick up from the warehouse. Since the package dimensions and weight vary for every model, please contact us beforehand to assure you have the proper transportation equipment. Please note that, when arranging your own pick-up, we will not be responsible for any damages to the product after the item is loaded from our warehouse.


  • NO ORDER MAY BE CANCELLED OR CHANGED BY BUYER, EXCEPT BY SELLER’S EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT, WHICH MAY BE CONDITIONED UPON A CANCELLATION FEE. If Seller does not consent in writing to Buyer’s cancellation of the Order, Buyer shall still be liable for the full payment of the Purchase Price and any freight, delivery, and transportation charges and taxes, and shall continue to be subject to the late fees and interest provisions contained herein.
  • Orders for Customized Products may be cancelled prior to delivery, provided, however, that the Buyer will remain liable for 50% of the purchase price. As used herein, “Customized Products” means any products that are modified or altered in any way in response to an Order.
  • The Seller reserves the right to cancel this Agreement if the Buyer fails to pay when due.
  • Orders that are not cancelled, or if an order is refused by the customer at delivery, will be subject to all actual shipping and restocking fees. This also applies to orders where the customer is not at home at the time of delivery, and the package is returned to the warehouse.


How to build a quality log house, please read here:


All products come with a limited 10-year warranty. 

Note: Due to differences in personal preferences and requirements, the following items are not included in our packages: foundation, basement support post, any masonry items, plumbing and heating materials, electrical materials, kitchen cabinets or countertops, finish flooring, stains or finishes, roof insulation for log packages, nails, and miscellaneous items, such as flashing and vents.

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