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Log houses for healthy and organic living

A contemporary log home is an increasingly popular choice for healthier, more organic living. Many of us dream about a harmonious home, made of natural and sustainable wood, with bright, modern and contemporary look. Browse our Contemporary Collection for ideas and inspiration.

All EcoHouseMart log home kits can be modified and tailored to your specific needs, which allows you to actively participate in designing your own dream home. We can also design a unique home based on your wishes or realize designs already drawn up by your architect using modern eco friendly logs.

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Log bath house #098
Log House # M-240
LOG HOUSE #050.9
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Log House #102
Log House #104
Log house #120
Log House #120.8

Modern styles

Today, minimalism is extending throughout the world, this style captures quickly new territories. Minimalism retains the essence of any thing, and cuts off all unnecessary. Minimalism does not recognize the frills and luxuries, the diversity of colors and complexity of finishing – only straight lines and right angles are needed for the ideal shape.

We have opportunities to create layouts of houses in any style, which option will be limited only by limits of your imagination! The avant-garde twists and noble form of classicism, clean lines of modern and bold combinations of wood with other natural materials, original design elements of the roof and large windows create bold and beautiful features of our houses. Such architectural design not only attracts with its originality, but also complements the natural landscape that surrounds the house.

Themes of Scandinavian design, minimalism and functionality, clothed with an interesting exterior shape is the foundation architecture lineup of outbuildings. So-called outbuildings and ancillary facilities presented here are only examples of what collection of buildings can be created by our company. The choice various types of yard buildings of model series, determination of their location on the site, or selection of a residential building with the needed amount of bedrooms, can meet the needs of any customer. For example, in the design of the house, the emphasis may be placed on the recreation area, where family and friends can spend time together. The size and layout of modular houses can be modified, or your house can be specially designed according to your taste.

Note: Due to differences in personal preferences and requirements, the following items are not included in our packages: foundation, basement support post, any masonry items, plumbing and heating materials, electrical materials, kitchen cabinets or countertops, finish flooring, stains or finishes, roof insulation for log packages, nails, and miscellaneous items, such as flashing and vents.

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