Your custom Home

Wellbeing of your family starts at home. Let your imagination fly and create a unique house that perfectly matches your family’s needs, wishes and lifestyle.

The beauty of a log house is that you truly have the freedom of design. The frame of the house will be built with natural white spruce logs that promote health but you can also use other materials in the exterior and interior design. You dream and decide – we will make it come true!

You probably already have an idea of the visual style of your future home. With EcoHouseMart log and timber technologies, you are free to create a house in a contemporary or more traditional style.

Collect all of your ideas and wishes and share them with your family, friends, architect and email them to us at: Together we will design a house that perfectly matches your dreams!

Careful planning of your dream home takes some time. With the help of EcoHouseMart your plan will cover all aspects that need to be considered: your wishes for visual and functional qualities, the features of your site, budget, timing, documents for building permit and management of the building phase.

You can bring all your ideas with you – every detail is worth considering in the planning phase. Collect pictures, tell about your family and lifestyle.


The most important thing to consider:

  • Your and your family’s expectations and needs
  • The features of your building site, how it could be best used and what is needed for acquiring a building permit
  • Defining the style and floor plan
  • Choosing the materials and the content of the house package delivery
  • Aligning the budget, schedule and resources for the building phase


The ideal floor plan of a custom log home depends on the needs of your family – now and in the coming decades. It is also good to know that a log house can be extended later if the need arises. Put all your needs on the planning table:

  • What kinds of common spaces will be needed?
  • What is the ideal size and location of your living room, kitchen and other spaces for relaxing, entertainment and eating together?
  • What kinds of private spaces will be needed?
  • What is the ideal size and location of working spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms etc.?
  • Do you need a utility room or other such functionalities?
  • Do you need additional buildings such as a garage, storage shed or guest house?


Share the joy of your carefully planned home with your family and friends. Living in a healthy home will provide you with nice surprises: fresh indoor air, lovely details where your eyes can rest, the deep feeling of natural balance.

While your unique log home is being produced or constructed at the site, you can focus on finalizing your plans for interior decoration and garden planning. Be true to your style and decorate your home with natural, ecological materials that are in harmony with the beautiful details made of wood and other organic materials.


All EcoHouseMart log and timber homes are produced from white northern spruce. Our modern and efficient production technology is based on sustainability, innovativeness and certified quality. All processes are FSC certified.

With an EcoHouseMart home you can also draw peace of mind from the fact that the whole production process of your log home is sustainable. This means that you have an important role in preventing the impacts of climate change and in building better living environments. It also means that you live the way you want to live, respecting nature and caring for your family.

Note: Due to differences in personal preferences and requirements, the following items are not included in our packages: foundation, basement support post, any masonry items, plumbing and heating materials, electrical materials, kitchen cabinets or countertops, finish flooring, stains or finishes, roof insulation for log packages, nails, and miscellaneous items, such as flashing and vents.

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