ECOHOUSEMART CLT builds an entire building

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Practically every roof shape can be achieved using CLT. ECOHOUSEMART CLT roof structures meet all structural, fire protection and noise requirements. The excellent heat insulation and storage properties of wood create a pleasant interior climate – in the winter and summer.


  • Dual-axis load transfer effect: Projecting elements and break throughs in new dimensions
  • Large spans despite slim and light construction
  • High degree of prefabrication
  • Swift rain impermeability thanks to quick installation in a few hours
  • Dry construction method
  • High heat insulation mass in the winter / isolator in the summer
  • Finished visible surfaces inside / pleasant wood surfaces for increased well-being



Building ceilings with ECOHOUSEMART CLT elements has the benefit of incorporating a self-supporting and dry construction method. Large-format, dimensionally stable elements create an in-plane effect and can be installed with finished visible surfaces for cosiness and quality of living. All standards regarding statics, fire protectio and noise insulation are met


  • Dual-axis load transfer effect: Ideal as supporting elements when adding a storey
  • Jointless installation, no excessive contraction joints
  • High degree of prefabrication
  • Dry construction method
  • High heat insulation mass in the winter / isolator in the summer
  • Finished visible surfaces = finished wood coverings / finished ceiling soffit

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ECOHOUSEMART CLT wall elements meet all structural, building physics and fire protection requirements. Entirely cut in the factory, wall elements including cut-outs for windows, doors and other installations are delivered to the construction site completely finished. CLT walls come with everything!


  • Can be used as exterior walls, interior walls and flat dividing walls
  • Dual-axis load transfer effect: High vertical load transfer possible. High horizontal load pick up for building bracing purposes
  • Economical use in multi-storey residential and industrial buildings
  • High degree of prefabrication including all openings and outlets
  • Dry construction method
  • Residential visible quality for visual and tactile feel-good atmosphere
  • High flexibility in combination with other building materials
Note: Due to differences in personal preferences and requirements, the following items are not included in our packages: foundation, basement support post, any masonry items, plumbing and heating materials, electrical materials, kitchen cabinets or countertops, finish flooring, stains or finishes, roof insulation for log packages, nails, and miscellaneous items, such as flashing and vents.

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